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You can only get better through action.

We teach drawing skills that improve life, creates opportunity on businesses around the world and get the time and place freedom through accessible online contents.

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"Choose where your energy goes"'

Who is ECKYO ?

Eckyo is a nickname that given by Ecky's first clients. A mistaken from reading the name which is Ecky O. But this nickname sounds cool and been a precious name for Ecky.

Ecky has been already in design and illustration industry since 2002. He is starting to work as a freelancer. 

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

His teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until now. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are his subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, He put all his effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the times progress. These days with everyone attached to their personal screen that's rich with visual contents, it's open more opportunity for you to exist as an artist or a professional.


Since teaching is Ecky's passion, He decide to create online courses to share techniques for more friends around the world.

What can you learn here?

You can learn everything about how to create cute illustrations. Lots of useful information and practices to grow yourself with the skill.

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